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Who Are My Patients And Why Do They Remove Their Tattoos

I have been performing laser tattoo removal since 1995. Over the past few years, I have noticed a significantly increased interest in laser tattoo removal. Many of the millions of people who have been swept up in the incredibly popular social phenomenon of tattoo art are re- considering their ink.

My patients differ in many ways from one another and come from all walks of life. They all do have one thing in common; they have decided that their unwanted tattoo is absolutely wrong for them and are 100% committed to removing it. Some people have personal reasons for seeking laser tattoo removal, other have professional reasons. Whatever their reason they are seeking the safest and most effective means of removing it in the hands of the most experienced doctor. Here are my patient's top 10 reasons.

Top Ten Personal Reasons My Patients Seek Tattoo Removal
My tattoo is wrong because......

I no longer like tattoos in general.
I donít like this particular tattoo.
Religious reasons.
It portrays a bad image of me.
I have moved on in life.
My loved one wants it removed.
My parents donít approve.
Name of ex boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife.
I have kids now.
I am getting married.

Top Ten Professional Reasons My Patients Seek Tattoo Removal
My tattoo is wrong because......

I don't want to lose customers/sales.
It's not common in my field.
My company doesn't allow visible tattoos.
I'm looking for a better job.
I'm going for a promotion at work.
My coworkers judge me by it.
I'm starting my own business.
I'm graduating soon.
It's not professional.
My boss sent me in to get it removed.
I'm in sales and clients see it.

My patients top occupations in alphabetical order:

Administrative Assistant
Business Owner
College Student
Construction Worker
Flight Attendant
Graduate Student
Information Technology
Police Officer
Web Design

*** For a fee we do arrange private, closed office consultations for celebrities, athletes, entertainers, politicians or any people who require such an arrangement.

The Board Certified Dermatologist, Jeffrey L. Rand, MD, specializes in laser tattoo removal, and has a world renowned reputation for his best-in-class practices in performing laser tattoo removal and tattoo lightening.  For more information regarding laser tattoo removal, or to schedule a consultation with the Manhattan, New York Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist please feel free to contact the doctor's NYC Laser Tattoo Removal office.  Please feel free to contact the NYC Laser Tattoo Removal Center for directions from Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island, Manhattan, New Jersey, or Connecticut.

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