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What Do Good Results Depend On

The safe and effective removal of a tattoo depends on a combination of the right experience, right technique, and right equipment.

There is no one laser or combination of lasers anywhere that can completely remove all tattoos and all colors. It is necessary however to have the right lasers with the right wavelengths to treat all the treatable colors and inks. Technique is also critically important in laser tattoo removal because no two tattoos are the same. Technique is based on extensive training and developed over time by extensive experience. There is simply no shortcut. There is no one page guideline that can be taped next to the laser after a 2-day laser course or 1 week apprenticeship that can substitute for thousands of treatments performed over many years.

I have multiple lasers and leverage my laser tattoo removal experience through my technique in order to know when to use which laser, at which wavelength, at a particular spot size, at a particular energy level, in a specific frequency and in the most logical order in order to get the most benefit out of each laser for each tattoo.

Most people mistakenly believe that a tattoos size is the most important factor in success. This is absolutely false. Other factors are much more important.

In my experience, many tattoos respond beautifully with 95-99% fading. However, tattoo inks differ in their response to laser treatment and not all tattoos are equally treatable. There is no guarantee. There are over 100 or more tattoo inks in use worldwide today. Not knowing which tattoo ink, how much was used, or how deeply it was placed may make it impossible to precisely estimate the degree of removal possible or the number of treatments required for any given tattoo. The inks colors, physical and chemical composition, its depth and density, as well as location on the body and the persons skin color and healing tendencies are all critical factors.

To generalize, black ink responds best. Yellow often does not respond often at all. Greens, sky-blues and purples require an additional laser and are more difficult. Certain newer inks are extremely resistant. Some red inks are easy, other types very difficult. White or flesh tones may not respond and may actually darken when treated. Older inks are usually easier than some newer inks. Amateur ink is usually easier than professional ink. Tattoos that have been covered by another tattoo as well as more thickly inked tattoos take longer. These are general rules. After examination of your tattoo I can be more specific.

Skin pigmentation (tone) is also important. In my experience, lighter skin responds much better than darker skin. The lighter the skin tone, the less resistance to light penetration. This translates into greater absorption of laser light, more effective breakdown of the tattoo and quicker more complete fading. In addition, the darker the skin tone, the greater absorption of laser light by skin pigment leading to increased likelihood of skin lightening or darkening. Skin discoloration is rare and minimal in lighter skin but common and often very noticeable in dark skin. Scarring is possible but very unusual. It is more likely in darker skin. I do not treat anyone with a history of keloids or abnormal scarring. In the interest of safety, skin tone darker than olive or light brown will always require a test laser spot treatment in my practice to determine whether this procedure is advisable. The fee for this test is $250 and is part of the consultation as it is necessary in this instance to answer the questions regarding a tattoos candidacy.

The Board Certified Dermatologist, Jeffrey L. Rand, MD, specializes in laser tattoo removal, and has a world renowned reputation for his best-in-class practices in performing laser tattoo removal and tattoo lightening.  For more information regarding laser tattoo removal, or to schedule a consultation with the Manhattan, New York Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist please feel free to contact the doctor's NYC Laser Tattoo Removal office.  Please feel free to contact the NYC Laser Tattoo Removal Center for directions from Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island, Manhattan, New Jersey, or Connecticut.

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