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Laser Tattoo Removal Price

After 20,000 laser tattoo removal treatments, I have learned that it is absolutely impossible to honestly and accurately assess a tattoos candidacy for removal or the investment required to remove it by telephone.


 I do not believe in telephone price quotes and do not provide them. I believe they are inaccurate and often misleading. I do not believe in "selling" tattoo removal and do not employ sales consultants who will tell you exactly what you want to hear. I believe these sales techniques may indeed be good marketing but are not good medicine. Let me explain.

Laser tattoo removal always take multiple treatments over a period of time. Depending on multiple factors, the number of treatments to remove an unwanted tattoo can vary widely from as few as three to as many as ten to twenty treatments. Every tattoo is different. Size alone is the least important factor. The tattoos color, ink composition, ink depth and density along with its location as well as skin type are very important. Without an accurate assessment of the number of treatments required it is not possible to provide a patient with true picture of their total investment in removing their tattoos. Other factors aside from the number of treatments that determine cost include the complexity of the tattoo, the numbers of lasers required, and the time required per laser treatment.

As a physician, I need to examine your unwanted tattoo in person in order to evaluate all of these variables. That is the only way that I know to provide you with both a medical assessment of your tattoo and a financial estimation of the investment required to remove it. The "phone quote" or "standard cost per treatment" or "per square inch cost" are marketing tools that satisfy the unsophisticated consumer but do not answer the real questions that serious intelligent patients demand and deserve answered. Daily I see second opinion consults who only later realize the salesmanship that they were seduced by.

We do believe that we represent the best value given our combination of a medical doctor with right experience, technique, and equipment who can demonstrate a history of proven results. Ultimately tattoo removal is an investment in yourself and like all investments should be made wisely based on facts, a proven track record of success and trust.

We work with everybody's budget and are almost always able to find a way to make things work for people's calendar and finances. We take credit cards, offer package and multi-tattoo discounts and offer interest free financing. We are almost always able to find a way for a motivated patient with a tattoo that is a good candidate for removal to move forward and meet their goals.

The Board Certified Dermatologist, Jeffrey L. Rand, MD, specializes in laser tattoo removal, and has a world renowned reputation for his best-in-class practices in performing laser tattoo removal and tattoo lightening.  For more information regarding laser tattoo removal, or to schedule a consultation with the Manhattan, New York Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist please feel free to contact the doctor's NYC Laser Tattoo Removal office.  Please feel free to contact the NYC Laser Tattoo Removal Center for directions from Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island, Manhattan, New Jersey, or Connecticut.

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