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Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Rand, I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the removal of my tattoo. If you would have told me six years ago that I could remove the huge tattoo on my forearm I would have laughed at you. My life took a drastic change in 1994 when I was injured and could no longer work in construction. The accident forced me into a desk job. My huge tattoo of skulls and flaming wings made me feel self conscious at work. I wore long sleeve shirts to hide my tattoo even in the summer! Now I enjoy the freedom of a better lifestyle without the stigma of the tattoo. Thank You, J.P.

Dr Rand, As a tattoo artist and tattoo parlor owner with over 12 years of experience, I wanted the best doctor when I decided to lighten my large multicolored forearm tattoos and re-tattoo myself. The results from your treatments were amazing! I will enthusiastically recommend you to anyone even thinking about tattoo removal. You're The Best! M.A.

Dear Dr. Rand, The tattoo you treated on my back is gone, the one on my finger needs a treatment or two more. Things are going great and I should be done before the wedding. It was a good idea that we got started early on as you suggested. See you in a few months. Thank you, B. R.

Dear Dr. Rand, I am extremely happy with the results. No sign of a tattoo on my body. No scars. I must say, you are very good at what you do. You let me know what you were going to do before doing it. You were really concerned that I follow the correct procedures. I recommend that anyone interested in going through this procedure should go ahead and do it. I am extremely satisfied and happy with the results. Dr. Rand, thank you for taking care of me, you are a very professional and caring doctor. Sincerely, L.D.

Dear Dr. Rand, Thank you for the kind way you treated my unwanted tattoo. I was really nervous and skeptical but you calmed me down, reassured me, and got me through it. You not only removed my tattoo, you taught me a little patience too. Thanks, P.A.

Dear Dr. Rand, My neck tattoo is almost 100% gone. Nobody notices it or asks me about it anymore. I'm going to have you work on the arm tat when I see you next. J. H.

Dr. Rand, You told me the ankle tattoo was tough and you were right. But I hung in there like you told me to and it looks great. I'm thinking about starting the other ankle after the holidays. I appreciate your honesty. S. M.

Dear Dr. Rand, Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are really grateful that you removed her shoulder tattoo. She gets to wear her the dresses she likes and I don't have to see her old boyfriendís name any more. We don't know who is happier. Thanks from both of us. Sincerely, R.S.

Dear Dr. Rand, The tattoo on my hand is completely invisible now. I am not getting any comments at work and my boss is off my case about it. I'm keeping the rest of my body art but thanks for your help with this one. I'll be happy to refer you to friends who art into ink but need something removed for work. Yours truly, M. V.

Dear Dr. Rand, Just a note to thank you for lightening the tattoo on my back. My artist says itís light enough to cover it with the custom piece we designed and I don't need any more treatments. I'm glad he gave me your name. N. R.

Dear Dr. Rand, I really am happy now that I can look at my wrist and not see my ex's name staring back at me. This is the first time I two years since the breakup that I don't have to wear that bracelet to cover it. Thank you so much! C. T.

Dear Dr. Rand, It's been about a year since I had my last treatment and I wanted to give you some feedback. As a flight attendant, I can now wear the short sleeve uniforms when I want to without worrying about the tattoo on my arm. You were always straightforward with me about the time and effort it would take and I know I was really a pain. Thanks for putting up with me and giving me my arm back at work.
Gratefully, R. W.

The Board Certified Dermatologist, Jeffrey L. Rand, MD, specializes in laser tattoo removal, and has a world renowned reputation for his best-in-class practices in performing laser tattoo removal and tattoo lightening.  For more information regarding laser tattoo removal, or to schedule a laser tattoo removal consultation with the Manhattan, New York Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist please feel free to contact the doctor's NYC Laser Tattoo Removal office.  Please feel free to contact the NYC Laser Tattoo Removal Center for directions from Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island, Manhattan, New Jersey, or Connecticut.

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